Owner and Lead Developer

Back in 2010 Dr. Torres decided to create a user friendly EMR for Wound Care Practice with some other key important features in mind. It would also had to be stable, secure, swift documentation and an intelligent system. With his html, php, JS and SQL knowledge he began to develop this incredible software.

An EMR for wound care practice is considered to be the most complex of all EMRs out there. Each patient may have multiple wounds, and some of them from different causes. Therefore, clinicians would need a software to track all their patients and track each of their wounds carefully. The system would offer clinical and treatment recommendations that would also help improve clinical outcomes and decrease medical errors.

Built and Developed by a Physician with Software Knowledge

Dr. Torres has dedicated his medical practice in hyperbaric medicine and wound management since 2005. He has treated more than 4,000 patients with acute and chronic wounds in the northern, central, and eastern region of Puerto Rico. He worked for 12 years in the Department of Hyperbaric Medicine and Wounds at the Puerto Rico Medical Center. He worked as "Senior Medical Director" for Woundtech located in Hollywood, Florida; who offers wound management in several states of the United States.

He currently leads Wound Therapeutics (wound care services) and the wound care department at Oncological Hospital of the Puerto Rico Medical Center. He is also an expert witness in cases of "malpractice" related to wound management. Developed the Wounds Authority portal (https://woundsauthority.com) with the purpose of offering training in wound management for health professionals. Author of the spanish textbook: "Manejo de Heridas: Introducción, Diagnóstico and Tratamiento" (Wound Management: Introduction, Diagnosis and Treatment) available on Amazon.

Wound Charts is currently being used by experienced clinics, physicians and other health care professionals and it now relies on a team of experienced software developers lead by Dr Torres to improve its functionality with new web technologies.